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APOC’s Overview

APOC Engineering, a consulting firm located at Burnaby B.C., is specializing in structural engineering.

We provide following professional engineering services:

  • Engineering Analysis.   We can carry out the analysis for you to check if your design or idea is feasible, safe, economical and satisfied with current code practice. We will present you with a comprehensive report indicating where are the issues if any and what we can do to improve your ideas.
  • Structural Design. We would like to know what you want in order to customize the design. We are eager to work with you to come up with solutions that is tailored to your needs as well as meet standard code requirements. A set of design drawings will be present to you to unfold every single detail of your project.
  • Materials and Costs Estimate.  With every design option, we can also provide you with a detail sheet indicating the quantity of the material needed and the estimated costs associated with. To help your make sound decision we must/will implement this task as accurate as we can.
  • Construction Planning and Erection Sequence Design. Next step is how to build it based on the design.  We can work with you to schedule the construction. Being aware of what and how to do next is very important to any construction project. We want to join you and share experience with you. Or simply tell us what are your goals, we then make the plan for you.
  • Project Management and Construction Quality Assurance. If we earn your trust, we want to manage the projects for you. From project administration to construction quality inspection, we will try every possible way to ensure the project on track. You will be timely updated with project progress, status, anticipated challenges. We could not be happier when you are satisfied with the projects we delivery.

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